Steps to Add Signature to Yahoo Mail Account

An email signature is not just the business etiquette or an obligation, this is more to market and brand your company or business. You can use email signature to give a glimpse of your business using different contact information. This includes, contact number, email address, website link, social media links and more.

You can configure signature to your email and this will send with all mail. The idea is very clear here; share contact information using email signature will increase the networking and build a strong connection with your network. You should use email signature irrespective of business or work you have.

You understand the importance of the email signature. You can also add an email signature to your Yahoo mail. Yahoo mail users have a privilege to use email signature. You can keep it simple or edit it according to your business nature. You need to define your exclusive signature but before that you should be ready with all the contact information. Your contact number, email address, Twitter handle, Facebook page link, Whatsapp number and postal address too. Once, you be ready with all information, then follow these steps.

Add signature to your Yahoo mail account

Step – 1 You need to Sign-in to your Yahoo email account, using user name and password

Step – 2 After that mouse over the Settings menu icon and then choose Settings option

Step – 3 And after that click on Accounts button, also click on your Yahoo account

Step – 4 Then choose or check the Append a signature to the emails you send

Step – 5 You need to enter or edit your signature text in the Signature field, you can edit it with available editing options as text format, size, picture and more

Step – 6 Once you are done with the editing, click on Save button to finalize your Yahoo mail signature

Thus, you have successfully created Yahoo email signature.

Check how your Yahoo email signature look

After you created your signature in Yahoo email, you can try and test it to assure that it will look the way you wanted.

  • First click on the Compose button from the top left of your Yahoo mail account
  • Here you will find an empty email with your signature automatically inserted in it
  • Just write a test mail to yourself for signature testing; use your email address to recipient and test in subject filed
  • And then click on the Send button
  • You can see a new message in your inbox, then click on it and see the way your signature looks

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